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Residential & Commercial
LIC CA 3317849 

We are a reliable company with years of experience in cleaning, we have licenses and insurance to provide a better service to our dear customers, our goal is to provide quality service.

Windows Cleaning 


Our goal is not to scratch the glass and leave it like a mirror, we work with residential and commercial window cleaning, we use easy-to-use products and equipment in order to provide the best cleaning service to our customers.

Strip & Wax


Our processes for this service will always be of quality, the objective of this service is to leave the floors so shiny that you can reflect on them, we take care of washing the surface before putting different layers of wax, our staff is trained to fulfill these functions

Carpet Cleaning


Sometimes it is unavoidable to prevent some type of product such as coffee or oil from spilling on the carpet, but do not worry anymore, it is something that has a solution at the moment, we use pleasant products that do not pollute to remove stains and steam to eliminate 100% % of carpet dirt

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We know that organizing your home is very important to you and that at the same time it will take you hours and hours to do it by yourself, but for that we are here to solve your problem in a matter of hours and in the most efficient way.

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